Thanksgiving in 2020

I know this year, holidays look much different than past years, but I am bound and determined to make them feel as normal as possible for my family. So while we are still doing a full on meal, I did not spend as much time on the table decor as I would if we were having a huge gathering.

My hope in sharing this post, is not to just give you inspiration for your own thanksgiving table, but to inspire you to try out a new recipe (like my apple pie crumble) and take it slow and cozy for your family. If this year has taught us anything, it’s what is really important in life and being in gratitude for the small things in life.

First, I started with this table runner. I saw it and I was so in love with the neutral and pretty design and it has the potential to work for fall decorated with pumpkins or for when we head into spring, it would look just as pretty with flowers.

As the centerpiece I just bought some botanicals from Trader Joes that were seriously $3, so cheap but so pretty! Then I spread out these mini fairytale pumpkins, acorns and pears that just scream fall.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends, it is one of my favorite days. A day of cooking, and the food lingering in the house all day just feels so cozy to me. Also, just the simple act of blessing my family with a home-cooked meal that we spent a lot of time on is my favorite. Thanks for stopping by!

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