House Flip 1/ The One with the Blue Bathroom

Well, our first house flip is in the books! If you recall this one, with the VERY blue bathroom and the master bath had 2 showers in it. I am so proud with the outcome and I told Adam, I want to move in haha. We finished a whole house before finishing ours! (Also, check our kitchen reveal)

This house was sold to us by a family who’s Dad had passed away. We made an offer that included to empty out the house. Little things like that, help the seller who is ready to close a chapter of their life and move to the next. So glad we got this as our first flip!

Since this house was probably going to sell in the $350k- $400k range, our goal was not to get super creative with design here. The whole point was, appeal to the masses and spend as little money as possible.

Exterior Before and After


Exterior Paint color: Swiss coffee at 75% on the brick, BM Kendall Charcoal on the doors and trim

Formal Living

The fireplace was completely out of code so we had to convert it to a ventless fireplace.

Throughout the whole house we used Alabaster flat for the walls and Chantilly Lace semi gloss for the trim, baseboards and doors.

Dining Room

We opened up the wall here in the dining room because it felt so closed off from the kitchen and it was not load baring. It made it feel so much better.


What we updated:

  • All new cabinetry
  • Recessed lighting
  • Added an island
  • New appliances

Master Bath

In this room, the ceiling had water damage and someone fell through when they came to inspect it. The man that lived here turned his master closet into a handicap accessible shower, so theres 2 showers in here.

What we updated:

  • Took out the door and wall between the big shower and the sink
  • Turned the original, pink shower into a space for a toilet
  • Changed the vanity from 60″ to 72″

Main Bathroom

Laundry Room

Of course, we had to put wallpaper somewhere! This is the Bloom wallpaper over at Hemma&Co.!

This was by far, one of the hardest and very time consuming things we have ever done. I am so proud of this house and the outcome. We learned so much and I am excited to start on another one!