Why I am not setting 2021 New Years Resolutions

2020 will go down in history as one of the most tumultuous years we have experienced in quite a while (or ever for most of us). I am convinced it will have its own class in years to come. As 2021 is knocking on our door, I am creating a vision in my mind of what it will bring.

I am typically a goal-oriented girl. I love vision boards, goal setting and check lists. But this year will not be like other years for most people. Some of you may have had your best year in 2020, and that is amazing! But for the rest of us who experienced loss and hardships like never before perhaps, 2021 should be focusing on healing.

First, I will be focusing on what 2020 brought me. It gave me lessons I couldn’t have learned in some of my best years.

I learned how strong I can be when the going gets tough. See my blog on how I had my pinky amputated in 2020.

I learned that I cannot control the outside world, but my home is a fortress and it is vital that I am intentional about what we allow in our home.

I learned new recipes and baked more than I ever made time fore before.

It made me practice grace with myself and others. The power of a kind gesture or word can last a lifetime.

I learned to seek and cherish the small moments together since the big ones were gone.

I saw God in a new light, I found Him again and the dependance I have on my faith.

So, going into 2021 I am going to focus on these 3 things.

  1. I may not be perfect about diet and exercise and have wash-board abs by summer, but I can still make my health a priority. I will drink more water. Feed my body nourishment. Move my body for 30 minutes a day. I will do it because it gives me energy for my day, not so I can pick apart my body and try to look like someone else.
  2. I will make my mental health a priority and do the things necessary to keep my mental health in check. Some days this could look like therapy while others it can look like reading a book, trying a new hobby or having coffee with a girlfriend.
  3. I may not hit every business goal that I have set out for myself, but I want to focus on our clients. I want to nourish those current relationships and help their business or life be a little better because of us and our services. I want to stay inspired and remind myself why we own a business and the impact we can make in our city.

Focus on what 2020 offered you and taught you in the hardships. Look for the small heart changes this year, the quiet moments in your home that create everlasting change.

You may not have the capacity to have a rigorous exercise schedule, the means to make or save a ton of money or be at the top of your game this year.

Rather, let’s focus on human connection, living humbly and taking care of our bodies for nourishment rather than looks and most importantly taking care of our mental health.